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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

3月8日、本日は #国際女性デー ですね💐

今年のテーマは、”Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress”


おかげさまで、最近はWomen in Technology Japanも、グローバル企業様からイベントコラボやスポンサー協力の依頼を受けることが増え、活動の範囲が広がってきました。


皆さまをInspire, Connect, Empowerできるように、今年もイベントやワークショップ等など積極的に活動していきたいと思います。


This year’s theme for UN International Women’s Day is “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress.”

Thanks to your support, Women in Technology Japan has recently expanded our scope to collaborate with many global companies for events and sponsorship.

Countries and companies need to put in place systems to accelerate progress, but we believe that investing in ourselves is also a key to successful changes.

We will continue to be proactive in holding events, workshops, and other activities this year to inspire, connect, and empower everyone in the community. 

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