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Are you a company/organization/individual who supports our mission? We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in collaborating with us or supporting our activities, please fill in the contact form at the bottom for more information. Let’s make women in the tech industry in Japan shine together!



We actively welcome:

  • Donation offers
  • Event venue offers
  • Volunteer speaker at events
  • Other collaboration offers of any kind


  • 寄付のお申し出
  • イベント会場の提供
  • イベントでの講演ボランティア
  • その他各種コラボレーション


We actively welcome:

  • Event co-hosting requests
  • Event planning requests
  • Requests on speakers at events
  • Other sponsoring offers of any kind


  • イベント共催のご依頼
  • イベント企画のご依頼
  • イベントでの講演依頼
  • その他各種協賛のお申し出

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