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Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) are an international community of more than 700 members.
Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower women and close the gender gap in tech.
We organize online/offline events to raise awareness and foster change.

Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) は700人以上のメンバーからなるインターナショナルなコミュニティです。

WITJ Members

Our members include tech or non-tech professionals and those who aspire to start a career in the tech industry, including future leaders like young professionals and students. Our members are mostly women but we have many male professionals who support our mission.


What members say

Over the years I have introduced several of my female friends and colleagues to Annie Chang and Women in Technology Japan. They have all had amazing experiences that have improved their lives and careers. From mentoring junior members of the community to networking and education opportunities for senior members, the organization adds tremendous value and is a great resource.

— Aaron Farney, Founder at Unwired Logic

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