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Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) is an international community of more than 700 members.
Our mission is to close the gender gap in tech and promote diversity and inclusion in Japan.

Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) は700人以上のメンバーからなる

WITJ Members

Our members include persons of all abilities and backgrounds – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age or sexual orientation. For nearly a decade – WITJ has been helping and advising hundreds of women in Japan to explore their interest in tech, achieve their potential and gain the recognition they deserve in their respective industries. Today, our community consists of more than 700 members who come from a variety of industries including – engineers, academics, HR, sales and marketing backgrounds, who have a special interest in the tech sector.

As a volunteer-run organization, WITJ operates entirely by volunteers and partners with the backing of a small core team. The organization is supported by our sponsors and by donations. We welcome all who support us in our mission.




Over the years I have introduced several of my female friends and colleagues to Annie Chang and Women in Technology Japan. They have all had amazing experiences that have improved their lives and career. From mentoring junior members of the community to networking and education opportunities for senior members, the organization adds tremendous value and is a great resource.

— Aaron Farney, Founder at Unwired Logic

This community helped me in building my self-confidence again. Meeting these amazing women, I was able to take support from them and improve myself, not just as a person but from work point of view as well. Talk sessions with other women leaders help to understand ideas of women empowerment in Japan from very different perspective.

— Community member

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