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Meet our new sponsor Unwired Logic!

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今月より、東京に拠点を置くITコンサルティング会社のUnwired LogicにスポンサーとしてWomen in Technology Japanの活動をご支援いただけることになりました。




  • 代表取締役 アーロン・ファーニー

これからもWomen in Technology JapanとUnwired Logicの今後の活動をお楽しみに!

WEB: https://unwiredlogic.com/
Email:  info@unwiredlogic.com

We are happy to announce that Unwired Logic, an IT consulting company based in Tokyo, will support the activities of Women in Technology Japan as a sponsor! 

Founded in 2015 by two IT professionals, the company specializes in providing effective technological business management solutions and digital transformation. 

The founder/CEO, Aaron is a technology expert with over 25 years of experience in building complex infrastructure and managing systems. The company has clients not only in Japan but also in Asian countries, North America, and Europe.

Together with their professional team, Unwired Logic helps leading companies effectively manage their businesses by proposing technology-driven solutions and strengthening customer connections.

“Customer experience (CX) is the one key to success in the digital age. Creating a great CX is no longer your option. It’s your imperative.” – Aaron Farney, CEO at Unwired Logic

Contact them and get to know the company here:
WEB: https://unwiredlogic.com/
Email: info@unwiredlogic.com