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Event Report – Thriving at work and at home: Resilience and Wellbeing

Thriving at work and at home: Resilience and Wellbeing

Thank you for attending our last event! For those who attended the event and want to contact Andrew directly, here is his contact information:

This is to follow up with additional information shared by the keynote speaker (please see the links provided below).

Also, please kindly complete the post-event survey to help us improve our events in the future:

Sources and links shared by Andrew:

1) The tool we used to explore Internal and Exteranl Resources and Demands is called the Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model: Bakker & Demerouti 2007

2) Performance/ Pressure curve: Visual of the model:

3) Mind Traps: Ladder on Inference: Video

4) Circle of influence/ Circle of concern: Video

5) The model on managing your energy focussed on 4 areas (Emotion, Mind, Body, Self) is from ‘Manage your energy not your time’ (Schwartz and McCarthy 2007)

6) Here is the link to the online assessment that you can explore. It is FREE and you will get a quality, personal report to understand their strength and areas. This can be helpful to develop/ build their capability in the area of resilience

Thank you and hope to see you again at our next event!

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