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Zoom Event Report – Empowering Women: Your Path to Growth Mindset

Thank you for attending our first virtual event, “Your Path to Growth Mindset” – It was such a blast with many people joining virtually from their homes. We do hope you find the session useful and helpful to your life.

Our main speaker, Pueyen inspired us and led us to cultivate our growth mindset even under the difficult times we are in right now.

It was our very first virtual seminar so we know there were many points that should be improved. We will try to do better in our next event, so please do not hesitate to send us any suggestions by communicating through our social media.

A big thank-you to Pueyen! We will have another virtual event soon so please stay tuned!

Thank you so much everyone! I am grateful and humbled to be able to connect with you to inspire and empower you!
To those who enjoyed the therapy session from me and feel like repeating it, you can! Click on the link below for the customized recording I’ve created for you to enhance your basic beliefs so you can cultivate your growth mindset!

PueYen Lee

Event Details

Our first online event will be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. We are welcoming Ms. Pueyen Lee as a speaker to talk about “Your Path to Growth Mindset.” A great opportunity to learn how to improve your mindset during this tough time and this will definitely inspire you to lead a better life. Admission is free. Please sign up now.

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Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) is proud to invite a new member of the WITJ community, Pueyen Lee, to share essential insights to help cultivate your Growth Mindset and how doing so will empower you as an individual, as well as your career.

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Within the Data and Technology field, Pueyen currently specializes in the emerging Data Governance area, where she plays an important role in reshaping the culture and environment in data management.

Originally from Malaysia, Pueyen lived in England for 10 years before moving to Tokyo in 2014. As a professional, Pueyen is registered as a Chartered Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor.

As an individual and a parent, Pueyen strives to become a female leader in Data. Pueyen believes in leading by example and that our environment plays a big part in shaping our mindset and life-long journeys. Outside work, she devotes personal time to master key insights about mindset. She recently became a certified therapist with the intention of empowering more women and children to lead themselves with a growth mindset, grit, and a self-fulfilled life that is happy and healthy.

Date & Time: Wednesday – May 20, 2020 19:30-21:00 JST

Place: Via Zoom Online Video Conference

Admission: Free

Registration : Pre-registration required

*Details for joining the virtual session will be sent to those who RSVP from the Peatix link abovePDF Flyer Download Here

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