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Workshop: Are women over-mentored and under-sponsored? -How to get ahead in your career –

【12/1 ワークショップのご案内・事前申込(無料)】Women in Technology Japan (WITJとJ-Global Instituteが共同で、キャリアでの成功を加速するスキルを手に入れるためのワークショップを開催します。50席限定となりますが既に半数のお申込みを頂いておりますので、早めにお申込みください。

Women in Technology Japan (WITJ)is collaborating with J-Global Institute to provide a workshop on the skills which will help accelerate your career.

Jon Lynchを講師として招き、 女性がキャリアを前進するため、身につけるべく習慣について、追及します。

Women currently make up only 10% of management in the workforce in Japan and gaining promotions and increasing salary is an ongoing challenge for women. We talk about the successful habits to get ahead in your career in a corporate or small business environment and compare Japanese and global culture settings. Short activities include career goal planning, negotiation and sponsor-development skills, peer-to-peer coaching and simulated interviews.
This workshop led by Jon Lynch explains the habits you can adopt to be get ahead in your career.
Please be sure to bring your business card when you come to the event.
*Session will be delivered in both English and Japanese.

◆Jon Lynch ジョン・リンチ
CEO「JIC」 (J-Global Institute)



Lynch has over 25 years of experience training and facilitating intercultural leadership in Japan at over 100 global organizations in IT, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, hospitality and other industries.
JIC is an official partner of Nikkei Inc. and together we deliver training and consulting to help Japanese companies globalize and overseas capital companies to succeed better in Japan. At JIC we coach leaders to build skills and achieve goals in their key projects and careers.

◆アジェンダ Agenda
●18:30-19:00 Doors open 受付
●19:00-19:15 Opening 開会のご挨拶
– Annie Chang
Founder, Women in Technology Japan (WITJ)
– Neil Nguyen Huu
Founder and Head Teacher, Tokyo Academics
●19:15-21:00 Workshop ワークショップ
– Jon Lynch CEO, J-Global Institute
●21:00-22:30 Cocktail & Networking (Optional) (Location will be near workshop venue)
カクテル・ネットワーキング (希望者のみ) (会場近くのお店にて開催予定)

◆お申込み Registration 【50席限定】
事前登録制 参加費:無料
Admission: Free Pre-registration required to join:
*Women only. No recruiters please.

Dec 01, 2016 (Thurs) 19:00 – 21:00 (Door opens at 18:30)
Venue: Tokyo Academics 港区西麻布3-24-17 広瀬ビル3階

六本木駅(日比谷線、大江戸線) 1a出口より西に 徒歩10分 、広尾駅(日比谷線)3番出 口より北に 徒歩 10分
入口は高速道路の南東側、ファミリーマートとTuxedoベア (パーティショップ)との間の路地に面しています。 路地を入 り、左側の自動ドアからお入りいただき、 エレベーターで3階ま でお越しください。

10 minutes west of Roppongi Station、 Exit 1a (Hibiya, Oedo lines), and 10 minutes north of Hiro-o Station, Exit 3 (Hibiya line).
The entrance is located in the alley between Family Mart and Tuxedo Bear (party shop), on the block southeast of the highway Enter the alleyway, and go through the automatic doors on the left. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor.