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IoT & Beyond:The Future of IT Towards 2020 & Women’s Participation – Goldman Sachs

Thank you very much to each and every participant for taking time out to join us in our session on “IoT & Beyond:The Future of IT Towards 2020 & Women’s Participation” ! We hope each of you has learned something substantial through the presentation by our key-speaker Marc Einstein, which not only covered an in-depth introduction of IoT, AI, and BigData , but also gave us an insight on how the future will change with the rapid development and enhancement of these technologies. 

Apart from that, the panelist discussion session with our panelist from Goldman Sachs was also very inspiring as we learned about various systems which Goldman Sachs has put together in order to create a flexible work environment for women in the IT industry such as establishment of Children Care Center, work from home during the morning hours and attend meeting while commuting etc. Such efforts to encourage,support and enable women to actively contribute/participate in the IT industry is in indeed remarkable.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Goldman Sachs for sponsoring this event and once again, thank you everyone for participating.Your comments/feedback are most welcomed and we look forward to seeing you again in our future events ! Thank you.

【御礼とご報告】19日に開催された IoT & Beyond: The Future of IT Towards 2020 & Women’s Participation にご参加頂いた皆様、平日の早い時間にも関わらずご参加頂き誠にありがとうございました。
セキュリティの都合上、中の様子を写真でご報告できないのが残念ですが、IoT、AI、BigDataに関して世界ではどのような議論がされているのか、現状と未来についてMarc Einsteinさんから貴重なお話を伺いました。IoTの進化はプライバシーの侵害などの別の問題を抱えおり、我々の課題である点について参加者の方からご質問を頂いたり、有意義なディスカッションとして盛り立てて頂きましたこと、御礼申し上げます。