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ICA Japan Panel Discussion – High Achieving Women Balancing Work and Lifestyle

ICA Japan is inviting ICA members and non-members to participate in a panel featuring four professional women in the fields of IT and consulting. The panelists will address the obstacles and opportunities faced by women who pursue a professional career.

It will examine the emerging issues and enormous changes that are evolving at the work place and impacting women today in achieving balance.

Previously society looked at women as individuals who had no clear career goals and limited to households. The nature of family life is ever changing with the concept of work/life balance. It has become very popular over the last 30 years as more and more women have entered the workforce and have become increasingly conflicted over the time they must split between work and family.  The biggest challenges for women are trying to juggle having a family and building a career to working in organization where gender stereotyping and being evaluated against male leadership.

Some comments suggest that women who are more masculine were much self-monitoring have been promoted more so and suffer less backlash from other females. As Sheryl Sandburg mentions in Lean In, women also needs to be sufficiently feminine to be perceived as likeable. Changing this double bind is a huge but critical challenge not only for women but for men as well.

In this panel discussion, we hear from these senior executives of their personal stories highlighting outstanding influencers, their key decisions and career shaping during the course of their professional life. We can also get an insight about how IT helps us to have better balanced life.

Our panelist for this event will be:
Ayako Takemoto / Annie Chang / Rena Abe / Ery Blackstone

Ayako Takemoto / Annie Chang / Rena Abe / Ery Blackstone

Date: September 19th (Thursday)

Time: 18:30 open, 19:00 start, 20:30 end

Venue: FCCJ – The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan | Map to FCCJ

Cost*: ¥4,000 ICA members; ¥6,000 non-members.

* Event open to all
* Cost includes buffet
* Open bar available. Please pay at the bar

!! Please make your event payment at the door.
!! No sign ups at the door

RSVP by 10AM on Tuesday, September 17th