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【Free Workshop】The promise and the opportunities of the VR/AR industry

Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) is inviting Meri Rosich and Sergio Salvador as our guest speakers to talk about “the promise and the opportunities of the VR/AR industry.”

Virtual reality and, by extension augmented reality, are artificial, software-created environments presented to users in immersive ways so they are accepted as real. By stimulating the senses of sight and sound –and sometimes touch– we can interact with a virtual environments in much the same way as we would the real world. These technologies have their origins in the 19th century, but it’s only been in the last few years that that our ability to develop the hardware and software required has caught up with our ambition and imagination. VR and AR are being touted as the next technology platforms after mobile and, as such, they offer tremendous opportunities for those that enter the industry in these early days. In this event, we will discuss the state of the industry, and what those opportunities are.


Sergio is the Head of New Business and Innovation at Google and an expert in General Management, Marketing and Strategic Alliances.

Meri is is a big data, marketing, and strategic business transformation expert, who has led complex, multi-disciplinary projects for global firms such as American Express, Samsung and Bertelsmann.

Session will be delivered in English.

Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) is a volunteer organization with the mission to increase women’s participation in the technology field and grow next generation technology leaders to be the forefront of innovation.