Zoom Event – Thriving at work and at home: Resilience and Wellbeing

Zoom Event – Thriving at work and at home: Resilience and Wellbeing

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Announcement: Co-Founder of Women In Technology Japan 共同創立者任命のお知らせ

 Annie Chang,
President & Founder of WITJ

(日本語版は本文後半)I want to take this opportunity to announce Ery Blackstone as the Co-Founder of Women In Technology Japan, officially from July 1st 2020. With Ery’s passion and talent, we are going to Inspire, Connect and Empower more women in the Workplace with a focus on Technology, Female leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Ery has been a founding member since 2013 and always worked together to make the workplace better for the women in IT. She herself has been an entrepreneur in IT for quite some time, witnessed the rise in the Internet in this country and also seen many women struggling in the IT industry.
Despite WITJ has always been operating in Japan, we may have focused more on the international community. In order to raise the female leadership ratio in Japan, we feel that we need to help more Japanese women. We intend to reach out to them to support them and we believe Ery’s addition will enable us to do so.

We appreciate your continuous support!

– Annie Chang, President & Founder of WITJ

この度、Ery Blackstoneを2020年7月1日付でWomen in Technology Japanの共同創立者に正式に任命しましたことをご報告いたします。

– WITJ代表 アニー・チャン

Ery Blackstone,
Co-Founder of WITJ

I was appointed as the Co-Founder of Women In Technology Japan by Annie Chang, President & Founder of WITJ.

WITJ is one of my precious organizations established in difficult times for Japan, after the 2011 Great Earthquake and Tsunami.

Annie Chang and I met at a charity party in Tokyo when entire Japan and all the people had continued to work together for restoration and reconstruction from the natural disaster, and she kindly gave me an offer to join her new volunteer activity and ideas that to contribute for the Japanese society, especially for women in the technology industry.

Since then, I’ve joined WITJ as a founding member and was able to meet a lot of wonderful people that made our activities fruitful and enjoyable.

I’m very honored with this new opportunity, I know that I’ve many things to learn, and am excited about the challenges ahead in my new role. As my role and authority have been expanded, WITJ can collaborate more with other organizations including Japanese/Contents/Events/PJs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any Waku-Waku ideas!
We hope that you will continue to favor us with your support.

– Ery Blackstone, Co-Founder of WITJ

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